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Cold sore leading to genital herpes?

I've recently discovered that I have a cold sore on my lip which I thought was a spot. I've had cold sores before, not very often, however this one didn't come up as mine usually do, it felt more like a spot. During the time it's been on my lip I've kissed, had sex and oral sex with my partner as I didn't think the spot was an issue. Now I've found out that it's a cold sore, I'm worried that he could get genital herpes. I feel really bad that I could've given it to him. If he has got it, how long will it take to show up? Has anyone got any advice on what we should both do for our next steps?

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The herpes virus which causes cold sores can stay dormant in people for years without them experiencing any symptoms, although I've read somewhere that it's usually within the first couple weeks that people are most likely to experience outbreaks. That said, if your boyfriend doesn't have any cold sores soon it does not necessarily mean he has not caught it. I know my local gum clinic doesn't test for herpes unless there are symptoms, but it might be worth checking yours to see if he can be tested without symptoms (not sure if this is a money saving exercise or because the symptoms are necessary for it to show up on the test).


Thanks, that's a great help and has calmed me a little

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