Genital Herpes

Hello everyone, I've just been diagnosed with herpes after 4 days of utter pain. I went to the doctors and started my treatment but god I feel awfully in pain. I'm mortified to have it, my boyfriend has had cold sores and obviously not thought that he could transmit through oral sex...

anyone recommends something to help relief the pain? I only have Aciclovir and the Lidocaine cream :(

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  • Bath in salt water to help heal and take some paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain. make sure you eat before taking ibuprofen. Rest and loose clothing and if no better in 48 hours then consider going back for longer treatment.

  • Thank you I will ☺️

  • Bleach will cure it

  • How much bleach shall I use?

  • Are you real!!??


    Follow the advice of your G.P and you will be fine.

    Bath in salt water or Dettol to help it heal faster.

  • Have you been peeing in the sink full of water?

    You need to take pain killers - paracetamol.

    You could also try aloe vera gel.

    After the first time its never as bad. Just gotta rest and ride it out i'm afraid.

  • I'm taking paracetamol and ibuprofen I sort of alternate between the two. I can't really rest I walk to work and I'm a sales assistant so always going back and forth, Up and down in the stock room... I keep on lying down as soon as I get home though. Thank you for the tips xx

  • try to get early night then, or at least chill in bed.

  • for gods sake girl dont be putting bleach on your vagina hunni,you could end up with serious chemical burns,try gently rubbing with an ice cube,but don't leave it touching you and motionless coz that will damage the delicate tissues down there

  • Do not use bleach you will have more problems and far more pain than your suffering now. I was diagnosed a few months ago and the pain was unbearable but honestly after that first outbreak if you have any reoccurrences they are no where near as bad or painful and they clear up quick time. Taking paracetomal helps and warm salt baths but don't use any fragrance as in soaps and bubble baths etc. Good luck x

  • Robert-Gary, with all due respect I must ask you is your statement to be cured 100% factual?? I have seen a couple of specialists and all say the Herpes virus is not curable. If this herbal medicine really does work, then why is not recommended or publicised worldwide? Reading a comment like yours give myself and others hope, but I find hard to believe.......

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