Genital herpes

Hi I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and I have genital herpes I had the main flair up way before falling pregnant and meeting my partner. What I need to know is that I'm currently sore and swollen down below and I'm unsure whether I'm flared up again or its thruth as it feels like I'm flaired up but its not normally this sore anymore but I thinking its thruth as it is quite sore, ichy and swollen can anyone help?

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  • Do you have any sores? If not sounds like thrush to me, especially with the swelling

  • Hi. It could be a flare up of your herpes or as you say it could be thrush. Best to go to your nearest sexual health clinic and they would be happy to take a look and advise you.

  • For me, thrush itches/is sore over the whole area. Genital herpes only affects a small area - about 1 inch in diameter. Remember that new Guidelines from expert doctors say that you can use aciclovir in pregnancy if you wish, and you don't have to have a C-section even if you have sores at time of birth. See Herpes Viruses Association's Frequently Asked Questions page.

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