Genital Herpes

Hi, I've got an appointment with my GP tomorrow as I fear I have this and having not gone for testing When the symptoms first came up due to not understanding about it and thought it was a reaction to shaving, which I appreciate can sound stupid, I'm now terrified that I do have it and don't want to pass it onto my partner (I've not had anything whilst with her in the past 5 months) that's if she doesn't have it already

Can anyone help put my mind at ease, I've never felt so scared

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Don't be scared , what will be will be. The doctor will not judge you. I,d be more scared of my girlfriend. You will find you,ll feel so much better afterwards. Praps it's not herpes and even if it is you,ll. only have to abstain when it flares up. Good idea to have a bit of a read up about sex, sexual partners and a bit more knowledge about your body might help you.

But if you go online only go to British sites and NHS type ones as the others can be scaremongering. good luck. Please let us know how it goes.

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I'm more scared of the girlfriend part than i am going to the doctors, i'm scared she will want to run away and not want anything with me anymore, also scared of knowing whether i've passed it onto her and how she would then feel about it.

ive done a bit of reading on the whole thing before going to the doctors tonight and i know now that its nothing at all to be concerned about and how common it actually is with people, its just the whole stigma attached to it thats been developed by people over the years, i've kind of already resigned myself to me having it :(


Well my GP was useless and practically didn't want to know due to me not having any spots showing at the minute and simply said to go to a STI clinic if it happens again


Nice doctor.


I know, how is that helping people!!


I went straight to STI clinic they were brilliant, your gf may have infected you??? Many many people carry without knowing !!


If you've been with your girlfriend for five months and been faithful, she may have the virus and not know as a lot of women don't know.


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