Genital Herpes... true story!

So I thought I'd share my story to help ease some people's worries about getting a diagnosis with this infection. I started with symptoms a day after having sex with a recent sex partner. Straight away I knew something was up, so bit the bullet and went to the doctors. My gp said it looked like hsv-1 however after receiving my results from the swab taken a couple of days later this was not the case. I have hsv-2 and have broke the knews to my current sex partner. By surprise they are being very supportive... I was very open and honest, as we all know honesty is the best policy. I don't know if it's off him or previous relationships, but in a way I'm not too bothered. He said from day 1 when I said I'd flared up that he wouldn't stop speaking to me and tbh I believe him. I told him any questions he wanted to know about it, I'd be happy to answer as I've done my research ... and that he has done but doesn't seem to be in shock or scared about it. What I'm saying is don't think it's the end of the world, these things happen! Love your body, love yourself!

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  • This is a great post, I have herpes too and it doesn't bother me or my boyfriend in the slightest. I just wish more people thought like you and didn't think their life was over! You get arseholes who don't understand and go running like you're diseases, one guy thought he could get genital herpes through kissing me :') I did have a chuckle, but there are plenty of people who are very supportive, and if they care about you like they should they'll at least do some research around it before jumping to conclusions.

  • Wish I read this when I first found out. I've now had it a few years now and thought my life was over and that I wouldn't find anyone. But now I'm happy in a relationship and he understands and doesn't care about it. So there are people who won't judge anyone just have to wait :)

  • The only thing I'm confused about from what I've read... because it can be passed on during skin to skin contact does that mean I can pass herpes on to someone it they gave me oral? I know it sounds tmi but it's the only thing I'm confused about... I know I'll meet some people who will judge straight away etc but for the time being I'm glad he's being supportive :)

  • How much for the cold sore cure?

  • The price is around the range of $500-590

  • Hi guys. This is a very interesting topic to discuss with! I'm also one of the many of us who have " herpes". At first though, i was really scared, i've been very careful with whom i slept with and always check myself. I have this one time, an accidental one night stand with a girl, i just met in the bar and boom we have sex, and then the other day, i feel something is wrong down there! I check on it and bit worried that i might have unprotected sex. Consult a doctor and confirmed that i have genital herpes. I was devastated the time that i found out about it. but the doctors assure me that it can get through home remedies and medication. I just learned my lesson and thanks to the natural remedies, i feel better now! And also i want to share with you guys,, its a good site for std, herpes and hsv individuals who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Does this this ever leave your body? :'(

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