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Herpes, or something else?

My boyfriend and I usually have unprotected sex (it's not smart or safe, I know, and will start using protection). Last weekend on Saturday morning, he saw that a cold sore was developing on his lip, so we put some cold sore chapstick on it and went on to breakfast. When we got back to our hotel we had sex, but I can't remember if we had oral sex. I know for sure later that night we had oral sex though. And then again on sunday night we had sex and oral.

On monday night when I was taking a shower, I had noticed that there might be a bump down and I just thought it was an ingrown hair because I usually get those when I shave. When I got out and looked I had two breaks on the skin (the vag lip to be precise). On tuesday I had formed another, but directly on my clit. I have a creamy discharge that smells really bad and it itches. Occasionally, when I check on the sores I see like green cream around them. I am not sure if that means they're healing though. The sores are open and flat and they aren't crusting over or anything and I only have 3. 2 on the lips and one on the clit. I have an appointment at the clinic on thursday, but having to wait that long is stressing me out. Another thing, the university is going around campus, so I can't be sure if my symptoms are flu like or actually the flu, but I've been sick for at least a week prior to us having sex on saturday.

I do not think it is the herpes because my symptoms dont match, but I could be wrong and that scares me.

Also, on Sunday night when we had sex I was very dry down there and it became very painful to continue. Even when we put lubricant it was very painful, so I asked him to stop and then on Monday I found the skin breaks. So I thought maybe they came from all the friction on Sunday.

I could post a photo.

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I would guess that it is highly unlikely to be herpes but you really need to get it checked out at an STI clinic.

There is absolutely no reason that you and your b/f need to use "protection" [by which I'd guess you mean condoms] if you are exclusive to each other but surely you do 100% need to prevent pregnancy?


Thank you. I think it is just an infection. I will find out on thursday ,but I am on birth control that is 99.95% effective so there's little to no chance of me getting pregnant any time soon.



Good to hear back from you ...

Any news from Thursday?


Yes, so I found out today, as a matter of fact, that I have HSV-1. It's a little confusing to me how I have HSV-1 in my genital area, but that's what was found in my blood, so that is what it is. I'll have to do some research to see what exactly it means to have HSV-1 in the genital area, but I'm at the very least relieved I know for sure that's what it is so I can worry less. Hopefully in the end this post has helped anyone with a similar story given how common this question is across the internet.


Sorry to hear that but you did the right thing getting checked and no doubt you are getting treatment. Herpes is complex HSV1 used to be simply "cold sores" but as you see can be spread.

The transmission is by saliva and fluids - no doubt you now know all this - so you kiss him on mouth and it gets transferred to genitals and so on.

Best wishes


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