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I have had thrush for quite some time now and I have no idea how to get rid of it because I have tried EVERYTHING!! every creams every tablets! I've had tests but the doctors tell me that I have it but they don't seem to want to help me, I am scared to tell anyone because it is quite embarrassing however I need HELP! has anyone got any ideas what I could use?

thanks in advance...

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Are you sure it's thrush ?? Really 100% ? Tested ?


100% I was tested a while ago and it's the same thing


Ok . First off - has your partner ( if you have one )been tested/treated ? you may be re-infecting each other.

Then - general advice for women would be - not in any particular order :-

cotton underwear - NO thongs ( they are infection causing )

No bubblebaths/shower gels- don't over wash

Use water to wash rather than using loo roll after going to the loo - and a hair dryer to dry

Check diet - maybe avoid mushrooms, yeast type foods, alcohol etc

Eat as healthily as possible

Do not use tampons - use towels if needed

use live natural yoghurt insertions once a day for a week

avoid using condoms for the time being ( though don't risk pregnancy obviously !!)

Ask doctor for double dose of the fluconazole ( I think it's called that ?) pill plus the clotrimazole pessary/cream inserts

Good luck :-)


I have just purchased some of that fluconazole from boots isn't it a tablet? Is it supposed to clear it straight away? And doing all this do you think it'll stay away once I've gotten rid of it? Thanks


I was recommended to take two lots three days apart. (But do take medical advice).

Might take several days to clear.

I'm very prone to this infection....have had it loads and loads of places ....ears....mouth....boobs (when I was breastfeeding). It's horrid but nothing to be embarrassed about

Good luck


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