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URGENT HELP. I recently got a check up and everything came back good. I had unprotected sex with someone ive had sex before with a condom a couple weeks ago. does this look like a irriated rash from tight panties / pants / anceor HERPES? PLEASE HELP ME. it doesnt itch unless i touch it because it makes me want too itch.

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Doesnt look like it to me, as when i had it I had really bad spots which were like water blisters and white spots inside. Maybe if you flow alot of vaginal juices it has irrated your skin. If your really worried I would go to your local sex clinic I know its not nice going by yourself but I had to do it. I was the one that morning sitting on the bench with my herpes medication with no one to support me. Good luck xx

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tylee in reply to Butterflyl3

Thank you for your advice ❤️ your response made me feel a lot better.

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Butterflyl3 in reply to tylee

Its fine your not alone ❤ if I still had a photo of what mine was like I would of sent you it xx

Hi Butterfly,

Please send the photo to me..

mmm i have something down there...

it doesnt itch unless i touch it

im not sure what it was


Do you shave? As it might be a ingrown hair 😊

Hi Dear, how are you?

I guess now it’s gone... I haven’t check yet hehe

Wonderful xmas to you

Heya! Im fine & how are you.. ive only had one outbreak (touchwood) so I have been very lucky. Happy Christmas to you too!

Glad that you’re doing fine!!

Love your positivity :)

I just up from General anesthesia hystreocopy

Oh bless you hope you are okay and make sure you rest

Thanks dear, you too! Take care and marry xmas!!

i know herps is sorry for you.

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