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Hey guys..I was recently diagnosed with herpes right after i turned 18 a month ago from my cheating ex.My life have been hell ever since that test come back positive, I cry everyday every time i think about it.I could be having a good day then I’ll think about it and be in tears, i feel like my sex life and life is over period my confidence level has completely dropped and i just want to be happy.Can someone please help me, talk to me.Eve been doing many research for a cure, do any of you guys because you can get rid of it with natural things?I can’t have oral sex?Do you guys think i should get rid of my iud?

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Hi Tanya

Sorry to hear of your problem. I have genital HSV2 myself. It's a lot to take in at first.

First the bad news. There isn't a cure natural or otherwise that can totally rid you of the virus. So there will always be a chance it can come back with further outbreaks.

The good news is that your sex life isn't over, so dont ditch the iud just yet.

First thing to realise is just how common Herpes is. There are loads of people walking around, gettiing on with productive lives, falling in love, having kids and everything. You just dont notice because they dont have a big sign over there heads saying "I've got Herpes"

You dont talk about you symptoms. For most they are pretty mild and the first outbreak is the worst. For others the outbreaks are regular and troublesome for the first year or so. Although there isn't a cure there are things to be done to reduce the symptoms.

The only time you will need to discuss this with anyone is when you have a new sexual partner. You will need to let them know the risk and tha you wont want sex during an outbreak.

There's a lot to take in. This is a useful site herpes.org.uk/

Best of luck to you and dont be downhearted. You will come through this.


Thankyou so much


Hi Tanya,

I was diagnosed with hsv2 just over 5 years ago. I can remember how down it got me at first. I can honestly say 5 years on a i very rarely think of it.

The first year unfortunately I suffered with a lot of outbreaks. About 10. One would go and then another would come. I decided to go on suppressive therapy for a year. Whilst on suppressive therapy I didn’t have any outbreaks. It made me feel so much better and a lot more positive about life.

After a year I decided to come off suppressive therapy and see how they went. My outbreaks had decreased drastically and became even less and less. The past year I have had 2 outbreaks and that was when I had a cold and my body was run down.

3 years after being diagnosed I gave birth vaginally to a very healthy baby baby so your sex life is definitely not over lol. When I told my midwife I was so worried and scared but to be honest she didn’t seem bothered in the slightest and it wasn’t even spoke about.

For me my triggers are alcohol and genuinely just not looking after myself. Over time you will work out what brings on outbreaks if you have any.

Please don’t be down. I promise you your going to be fine and I know it’s hard to believe you will get over this. I was exactly how you was five years ago googling non stop and driving myself mad and being very down and I am absolutely fine now.

All the best, stay positive x


Thankyou so much You made me feel a little better.Do u receive oral sex and does your partner always wear condoms ?


Hi Tanya,

I was very similar to you when I got diagnosed aswell. I felt physically disgusting and found it hard. To tell you the truth, I still do sometimes.

There is no cure for hsv2, but if you get regular outbreaks you can speak to the doctor about taking some permanent medication. I have had herpes for 2 years now, June last year I started taking Acyclovir 2 times a day as I was having outbreaks every 2 months. I haven’t had an outbreak since then so they really do work.

Stopping the outbreaks helps, but I know that it’s the way you feel that is the issue. I still find it hard to speak to men as I caught Herpes the same way you did when I was 19. The best advice I can give you is tell someone. Speak to people who you trust, or on here as people are so supportive. You will be surprised how many people actually have hsv2!!

You can live life like a “normal” person if that’s what you want to call it. You will learn to be strong, don’t take any shit from anyone and really take care of yourself. You are a women and that itself makes you remarkable!! Don’t let one silly boy ruin your life darling.

Always here to talk

Jade xx

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Awwwn Thankyou and ive been feeling better about it lately

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Hi Tanya!

I'm 20 years old and was diagnosed with genital herpes back in April and honestly my anxiety had never been worse so I completely get how you feel. I found it so hard to get up in the morning and I honestly thought it was the end of my life! I struggled with my final assignments of second year at uni because of the diagnosis but luckily I just managed to scrape through!

Anyway 9 months on and I haven't had a single outbreak since! I feel a lot better knowing that I may never get any future outbreaks (just as long as I take care of myself) but its still annoying as even though you may never have to suffer from the painful blisters ever again its still something to tell future sexual partners just to be safe and so they're aware.

So far I have not been in the position of telling a future partner about my status because I have not had the confidence to get back into the dating/sex life. Although I did tell one of my best guy friends as a kind of "practice" to see how a boy would take my herpes status and he was so unbothered and chill about the whole thing! This boy who is one of my best mates occasionally still tries to pull me on the odd night out *inserts laughing emoji! But anyway, the moral of this story is that a boy I am very close to knows my situation and yet he is still is not put off or cares about it and this is someone that has very openly admitted he would like to sleep with me, after I told him about my diagnosis! So what I'm trying to say is not every guy out there will care whether you have herpes or not as if someone likes or fancies you then they are blind to anything that you feel insecure about because to them it won't be a big deal.

I hope that little example makes you feel better when it to comes to future sexual partners. I still am a little nervous myself getting back out and properly dating but its all just small steps isn't it until you feel confident enough to be able to open up to someone about it. The stigma may be cruel but what you need to know is that we know its not dangerous and that it won't kill us and more importantly it does not define us, if you think of it like that it may help calm you down when feeling stressed and anxious.

Best wishes,


P.S. For future outbreaks try putting aloe vera on your sores, its a god send! (well for me it was anyway, really sped up recovery and eased the pain).


Hi, do not worry, there are many people who have herpes and don't even know. Outbreaks tend to be worse during the first couple of years, but usually do subside and there is therapy that can be taken to reduce symptoms and the length of outbreaks. The most important thing is to be honest with future sexual partners and be honest. Practice safe sex.


Dear T

take care

Cutting out/down on sugar and carbs - well worth trying. wonder why docs dont recommend trying that (yet)...

I also think people get too little info on hsv2. we should behave much more conservatively out there.

God loves everyone of us.


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