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Advice on Heavy Periods

Hi all, I'm new here and was looking for some advice on coping with heavy periods.

I have v high oestrogen levels, started at over 3k, now down to around 1.5k. I'm under the consultant in gynae and have had various tests done that have all come back normal - internal examinations, ultrasound scans on my kidneys to check renal function, and blood test, but my periods are still heavy and prolonged, last one was around 8 weeks.

I was prescribed the mini pill which I was apprehensive of. I've taken a brand of pill before and became like a devil woman! I gave this other type a go and felt the mood swings, tearful times, suicidal thoughts etc., so stopped taking. I felt a big difference after stopping and felt much better, but from time to time still have down days, mood swings and anxiety.

My consultant has recommended the mirena coil to try to control my periods, but I am worried that I will go back down the mood swing etc. route. I really don't want this and so it's putting me off having one fitted.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar issue to mine and if they had any other treatments to suggested.

I also wondered if I have a coil fitted to control my periods that maybe some for of treatment for depression whether it be anti-depressants or something natural would help any of the mood swings, teary moments etc.

Thanks for reading :-)


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Hello Julie,

I haven't experienced heavy periods but I get severe PMS.

I have tried various anti depressants and pills to try to control it without success. I'm waiting for gynaecologist appt.

The mirena is licensed as a treatment for heavy periods from what I've read. Many women it helps. What have you to loose by trying it? If it doesn't help, you can have it removed easily. They can take 6 months to settle down though.

You may be less likely to have the mood swings as the hormone is released locally into your womb lining and not your whole body - that's the theory

For the mood swings are they through out the month or just around your period? You have two options from what I understand. You could try an antidepressant throughout the month at a low dose, usually for period related mood disorders lower doses are adequate or if it's just around your period i.e. PMS you could try luteal phase doing where u take it from ovulation to 1st day of the bleed then stop. Obviously you will need to discuss with your GP or gynae about this.

My personal research has led me to believe the best tablets are escitalopram, sertraline, fluoxetine which are SSRI and venlafaxine which is SNRI.

Best wishes 💗

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Hi Clazzy78,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for replying!

I've been to my gynae appointment this morning and have decided to give the coil a try! Like you said, what've I to lose?!

I explained my worries regarding the emotional side effects, which he has said will be reviewed whilst the coil is in place. Fingers crossed I won't get any :-)

I feel a general low mood, which I suppose is only natural with being on your period constantly, but it seems to be more intense and with more symptoms of depression when I am taking progesterone, hence my initial worries with the coil. It's a vicious circle - I take medication to try and control the bleeding but feel terrible on the emotional side!

If the coil isn't suited to me I'm not sure what else I can do. The surgical options will start to affect my fertility, which at 32 years old I don't want the option of more children taking away from me.

On the good news my oestrogen level has reduced and I enquired about my thyroid function, which is normal. Maybe I will never know the cause!

Thanks for your help and advice :-)



Have you ever had a head injury? The brain actually regulates menstruation.


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