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Implant and the pill together

Hey there, I have the implant, after continuous periods the doctor gave me the progesterone only pill to take on top. Perfect, no more bleeding! But another doc said that after 6 months of this, everything should have settled so to stop the pill. 2 months into not taking it, and now I'm getting a period every other 5 days again! Is it ok to carry on taking the progesterone only pill with the implant indefinitely? Thankyou!

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I had the same problem and my Dr said it would be best to have it removed and use another kind of contraception.


Did anything else work for you? Cause I've tried everything pills, patch, coil, implant..


I started on Depo injection and with that I had a 2 week period every 3 months with hardly any cramps. And for me that is the best


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