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15 day periods every month.. Do I stay on the pill or move on to something else?? Help!

After my first pregnancy when my bleeding cleared up I went back on cerelle which had previously been amazing with me, a few spotting occasions between months but barely periods ever, unfortunately this time I started getting my period every month on the 27th I took this to do with my body getting used to cerelle again as you aren't ment to bleed at all on it, it's been 8 months since starting cerelle and now for the last 3 months I've had my period for over 15 days each month, which isn't just uncomfortable and increasing mood swings but is taking away my sex drive.. I'm only 20 and in a happy 2 year relationship with my baby's daddy he doesn't mind that much as he understands I can't help it but I'm unsure what to do next as I can't keep feeling like this. I've read about the marina coil and it seems like a good idea does anyone know of any problems with moving from cerelle to the coil? Is it sore.. I've never had a smear test and don't know what to expect. I've also been on the pill where you took a week off every month but didn't work well hence being on the cerelle. Hopefully someone can help!

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No perfect birth control yet. Wow, so birth control hormones are making your periods last 15 days. That is oppressive! Can he be snipped?


Unfortunately that isn't a option at the moment as future children could be a possibility in the next five years or so, it's horrific get about one week period free each month costs a fortune aswell, it's more about the mental state it's leaving me in I hate being moody with my family and my mother had pmt alot and struggled with it just don't want to put my daughter through the same as I had to go through


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