Herpes diagnosis :-(

Herpes diagnosis  :-(

In January I went to my local GUM clinic for routine test. No syptoms of amy sort. And i got the all clear. But last week, my vaginas lips began to itch really badly. When I looked. I had a few tiny blisters on my right vaginal lip. I went Dr's and was told it was a razor rash and was given antibiotics and cream. I checkled on the Internet and what I had looked herpes. I made an appointment with gynaecological Dr. ,Who sadly confirmed it was indeed herpes. She saw I had been to GUM clinic and got the all clear. She then asked if I had been run down and said yes I had. She said it's the biggest cause. She said I have probably had herpes for years as it sometimes lays dormant. And by being severly stressed and run down had caused the outbreak. I now have to face the walk of shame to any future partners.....

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  • Same boat as u sadly.

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