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Hi I'm new to this im 22 an I'm a single mum of two I met someone who I started to like and I ended up having sex thinking he was clean as I've always had checks and because of his job he got checks them this week I received a text saying he's got herpes type 2 and he's okay with it when I'm upset about it feel horrible like a worthless role model to my kids before I got this text I was seeing someone it was going good until this text and because the new person hasn't had anything before he flipped when I still have to get tested so he will prob leave me please can anyone explain to me what herpes actually is ive had doctors tell me I'll be fine if I've got it but it's not fine

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Honestly please don't worry yourself and read up on the internet about Herpes as you will worry yourself like I did.

Herpes is a STD and is a virus that stays inside you. You have outbreaks which are basically like little boils or blisters on your vagina area, it itches and irates with fabrics touching it. It can be treated by taking pills which are prescribed by your doctor or sex clinic (can't remember the name on the pills).

I've only had one outbreak and I caught it last year and so far touch wood I have been absolutely fine. When you are having an outbreak the virus is at its highest and you can pass it on by sex or sexual intercourse. My new partner after I had the outbreak had spots come up on him and he got tested and it came back he didn't have it, thank god. I told my new partner that basically before we got further along the line of dating that I had this condition and from day one he asked me what it was and wasn't even bothered and said he would support me.

You will get some that will say negative things about herpes type 2 but they don't realise that having coldsores are actually herpes type 1.

If you want anymore support or advice I'm here I know how scary it is and worrying.


Hi thank you for replying I went and got checked and she said since I haven't had an outbreak I haven't got it but it could show up in a blood test if the other person has it xx


No problem, you should be alright but some do live with the virus and never know they have it. If you haven't had a smear either yet please get this done I've recently had one and I have HPV aswell as Adnormal Cells xXx


Aciclovir is the anti viral tablets x


Thanks xx


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