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Don't know how to feel for Mirena coil threads?

Hi all,

I had the Mirena coil put in just 2 weeks ago and tried to check to see if the threads were there. I know the basic procedure to do this, but honestly don't know what I'm actually feeling with my finger! Sounds silly but I'm having trouble distinguishing the cervix, can feel hard parts, ridges etc. Is the cervix central, slightly to the left?? I thought I could feel the ends of the strings for a minute but thought it might just be ridges in my vagina?

It's my first time using long acting contraception and ashamed to say I don't know my genitals that well :( also I start to feel sick if I'm checking in there too long. Planning to book an appointment to have the coil checked anyway but don't want to waste time in future if there's actually nothing wrong and I just don't know what to feel for!

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