I've just been told by my doctor I have herpes. I have no idea when I got it and now i'm so worried I've given it to others. I don't know what to do. I don't want to tell anyone I know and just feel everyone will judge me. I sleep with a guy on a regular basis, nothing serious and he's always saying how much it would upset him if he ever caught anything. What if I've given him the one thing he can't actually go and get rid of? I just feel like crawling into a hole and never having sex again.

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  • cdc.gov/std/herpes/stdfact-...

    Pls read this page.It will help u.Don,t worried.

  • Dear inneedadvice,

    Herpes is very common, so please don't feel you are alone. If you haven't already it's worth discussing treatment options with a Sexual Health / GUM clinic (www.bashh.org/clinics).

    The issue of disclosure to a partner is a difficult one. It's entirely possible of course that you caught this from your regular partner.

    Visit herpes.org.uk for more information or phone their support line 0845 1232305 for advice.

    Kind regards.

  • I found out the other day too. I feel like breaking down :(

  • my guy is the same, he's v worried about sti's and i havent told him i've got herpes type 2 bcos i dont want him to dump me. i've been seeing him for more than 2 years by now. ironically, herpes is the only sti i have ever had, and it sucks that it cannot be cured completely... well, as the time passes, you'll see your herpes outbreaks will become less and less common. sometimes i forget about having it since my outbreaks occur twice a year now and i treat them with valtrex as soon as i feel itchy, so before any sores can develop. hope this helps.

  • p.s. some people with herpes do not show any signs at all while for others the symptons can be very sever. maybe your bf is the former type and he's got it but does not know about it.

    its best to always use condoms and avoid sex when you have an outbreak, anyway.

  • Im just wondering have you told him yet? If so what was his reaction?

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