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HSV and pregnancy

Hi, I got diagnosed with HSV about 2 years ago and suffer from outbreaks every now and then, which normally are gone within 2-3 days. I don't take any anti viral drugs when it's not that bad because I think my body can then better built up antibodies.

I got ill with a flu over Christmas and after not really getting rid of it for over 3 weeks I got 800mg aciclovir for 3 days by the doctor.

Me and my fiancé are planning to start the baby project soon and I'm scared that these drugs can have affect on my body and my fertility? Is the dosage important? Rather take 200mg for a longer period? Any experiences with aciclovir and pregnancy?

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As far as I'm aware you can take the medication while pregnant and doesn't affect your baby or fertility. I found a healthy balanced diet and daily exercise is the best thing to keep them at bay. Which is also a great atmosphere for growing babies and taking less medication. Good luck and have fun making your baby.


Hi, sorry for the slow reply. Just seen your post.

If you have contracted herpes prior to pregnancy there is very little risk to your baby as your antibodies(immune system) will be passed through the placenta.

It is often worth taking the aciclovir regularly for the last four weeks of pregnancy to make sure you don't have an episode at the time of delivery.

Visit your local GUM (Sexual Health) clinic for advice and a prescription.

Aciclovir is considered safe in pregnancy so take it if you need it (you might notice more episodes whilst pregnant). Neither herpes nor aciclovir will affect your fertility.

kind regards.


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