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Need reassurance on possible pregnancy

Hi all

I imagine this post will seem silly to you but I suffer from anxiety and my situation is really forcing it to flare up at the moment.

I last had sex September 3rd; we used a condom and by this point I had been on Zelletta (a progesterone only pill) for slightly more than 2 months with no missing pills. About 9 days later, I had a period which lasted about 9 days. It therefore seems obvious that i'm not pregnant, but I still have a slight concern because my periods had been somewhat irregular since starting the pill. This is my first concern.

Next concern:

On Saturday (writing this 8 days later) I forgot to take my pill. I realised Sunday morning, and took two on the advice of a sexual health nurse. I carried on taking my pill as normal, though not at the usual time, but always within 36 hours of taking my last pill (zeletta has a twelve hour period which you can take it in, similar to Cerezette). However, I am worried that I forgot to take a pill on Wednesday and instead took two on Thursday. I haven't had intercourse this week but me and my boyfriend did do some other sexual activities. To calm myself down, I took Ellaone (a morning after pill) on saturday morning. As this can affect the effectiveness of the mini pill me and boyfriend have agreed to refrain from sex for 28 days.

Basically, I know I'm being incredibly over-cautious, but could really do with some calming down. And before you ask; yes I do know how sex works, I'm just suffering from anxiety!

Thanks so much

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I'm wondering if you can talk to yr nurse about this. Maybe do a pregnancy test and discuss the possibility of using hormone implant or injections to help prevent further worries ?

Good luck !

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Yes I would agree with Moo and speak with a CASH nurse regarding this (Contraceptive and Sexual Health) nurse as they will be able to reassure you. You can always do a pregnancy test as well at a sexual health service, the ones we use you cannot do until 3 weeks after the unprotected sex or time a person is worried about. Try not to take the morning after pill so too many times. I hope this helps.

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Honestly there is no need to panic about this. I suffer with severe anxiety too and this has happened to me before. If you are still unsure, take a pregnancy test, don't obviously get the cheapy brands but don't go all out too. But if it puts your mind at ease then it's a good idea. If not make an appointment with your doctor/gp and explain the situation if you feel comfortable and ask them if they can do a pregnancy test there. My sister did this when she had a similar experience and the nurses were lovely in making sure she was calm. Hope this helps :)

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Hey, I have anxiety too and now some new issues regarding sex and sexual health so I complete get you. I’d advice you to talk to a nurse take a test incase and maybe get the coil or some form of contraceptive that doesn’t require you remembering the pills (that’s why I don’t take the pills) .. hope you’re ok :)

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Thank you everyone for your help! Did a test this morning which was negative. Feeling calmer and am going to change method soon. Thank you xxx


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