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Herpes in pregnancy - advice please

Hi! I have had GH for about 6 years. I am 33 weeks pregnant and it has been a constant worry for me throughout pregnancy. I am actually scheduled for a c-section, not because of the GH, but because I broke my pelvis a few years ago in a car accident. So, transmitting the virus via vaginal birth is not a worry for me, and you'd think that that would have made me feel better, but after making the mistake of Googling I discovered that the virus can actually be passed to the baby "in utero" (I thought it was only at birth). I've had MANY outbreaks during my pregnancy, no doubt on the cervix etc, and that's just a little too close to my baby for my liking. I know if you've had GH before you got pregnant, antibodies are passed to the baby to protect him, but apparently that doesn't happen until later in the pregnancy, like 28 weeks or something, so what was protecting my baby when I had outbreaks at weeks, 12, 16, 24 etc? How do I know these didn't pass through the placenta and he has been infected? I have had lots of scans confirming that baby is doing well, so I know that my fear is slightly irrational, but I just can't shake it :( I have nightmares that he's going to be born with scars all over his body where he was infected in the worm. Please tell me this is not possible and I am worrying about something that is not possible. Thank you so much!!

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Have you spoken to your consultant? I had herpes during my pregnancy and my baby was fine - I was told the antibodies pass to the baby.

If you think pragmatically, herpes is passed on through CONTACT - how would your herpes touch the baby through your placenta and all the amniotic fluid?


Thanks! Did you get lots of outbreaks? Bad ones? How long had you had the virus for before falling pregnant? My consultant, midwife, doctor all know about this. No-one is concerned but me! :( I know that herpes is passed through contact, but it can be passed via the placenta - rarely I know, but it is possible.



It might be worth visiting your local Genitourinary Medicine (sexual health) clinic. It might be worth putting your on herpes suppressive treatment to stop the outbreaks if they're worrying you.

I agree your baby should be protected by your antibodies.

Kind regards,

Mark (Consultant in Sexual Health & HIV)


I had an outbreak with my first child and the doctor told me that as long as I didn't have an outbreak when in labour the baby would be fine. I don't think you can pass it onto the baby in urero, it's only during labour IF you have an outbreak


Hi, I have the same nightmares as you! I'm only 9 weeks pregnant and have experienced two of the most painful outbreaks in the last couple of weeks. I'm reading so many horror stories online


Hi, just wondering how did the labour go and is your baby ok x


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