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Pregnancy worries, am i? Helppp

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I had sex with protection, (condom) and then came on my period the next day. I then went on the pill a few days after. Its been 10 weeks since the sex, and i've taken a pregnancy strip test which did come back negative however im still worried i am. I've had 2 of my withdrawl bleedings from the pill (microgynon) should i still worry if im pregnant? My belly feels harder and i've put on weight. Really in need of help, so any help is better than none thankyou x

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You used a condom and had a negative pregnancy test. I'm confused why you think you're pregnant? Did you do sex Ed in school? How old are you?

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I've been feeling off and noticed my breasts are veiny. I did the strip test however im scared i didnt not wait long enough, as it was in rushed cirmcumstances, i did havand sex ed and i'm 17 however i suffer from anxiety so im not sure it im overthinking it too much? Thankyou for your help x

Do another test to be sure if it's negative then u have your answer.

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Okay thankyou x

If you had protection, don't worry then

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Thank you for your help x

Go and see your GP. They will do a quick, simple hCG blood test to determine whether you are pregnant. Condoms don't always work as they are supposed to and over the counter pregnancy tests can be notoriously inaccurate. I have had cases of women doing three tests, each one showing negative while they were clearly pregnant. However from what you described I think the risk of you being pregnant is tiny but won't hurt to do the test.

Why the hell are u asking random strangers online if you’re pregnant?! How are we supposed to be able to tell?!? Honestly wtf... I mean I guess that if u don’t have any common sense u would be dumb enough to think u can get your answer online but most people TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST(S) OR GO TO THE FUCKING DOCTOR to find out if they’re pregnant or not. The amount of people who go online and ask complete strangers they’ve never even met (as if they’re going to have a clue) just amazes me. I remember that video of the guy reading & making fun of all the people who went on the internet to find out if they’re pregnant & they all terribly misspell the word pregnant😂

Sounds like youve been as safe as you can be. It might be the pill causing you to bloat. Try not to worry if you have been taking the pill correctly doubt you would be pregnant x

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