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Hey guys I created an account as I want to ask this question. For 4 months I took the eura patch and I loved it, I could also successfully skip periods I would have one every two months. However one time when skipped it like I had normally done I still bled and then when it came for it to stop and to put on a new patch it stopped the blood for 7 hours and I started bleeding again, so the next day they put my on microgynon 30 and at first it stopped my period/ blood but I got realt weird discharge it was a muddy brown that was like lotion and had that for a week and now I am bleeding once a day, and it's super weird and I also get lower back pain. I went to a new clinic and they said that the coil would be good for me because it's obvious I want to get as less periods as I can or even try to stop it altogether. Just want to hear experiences and if anyone has changed from microgynon 30 to the mirena!

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I had 4 Mirena coils over a 20 year period and at first it was great as my periods stopped completely but over that time I have had lots of stomach issues, a tumour on my salivary gland, memory and concentration problems and constant tiredness/lethargy and loss of libido. When looking into it I think the silicone the mirena is encased in slowly leaks into your system and causes all these problems. There are lots of sufferers if you Google mirena side effects/problems. I think short term (ie 1 coil for the 5 year period) may be ok but I had mine removed and have never felt better!


I have mirena sins December and steel iregular and heavy periods.First months are difficult but everyone have different adaptation to the hormone.


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