genital herpes

I went to my GP about pain when passing stool an open wound in my anal area, which he then diagnosed me which a bacterial infection. two days later i was in so much pain i would hysterically cry for hours and can't physically move out of bed so i went to an out of hours doctor at the hospital. He diagnosed me with genital herpes. I've just started my treatment but Im still in so much pain and I'm terrified. every time i poo i lie on the bathroom floor for 10 minutes because I'm in so much pain until i can make it to my best where i ride out the rest of it for about 1 hour. please, is there anything else i can do for the blisters to deal with the pain?

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  • I know it's a horrible pain but it will soon get better, my gp advised warm salt baths to aid the and painkillers

  • ill try the salt baths thank you! its slowly getting netter but I've run out of codeine now so I'm worried I'm going to be able to feel the pain again when it wears off

  • It numbing cream and put it on the rash or, Vaseline to stop the burn when u pee or thrush cream if it's constantly ichinf will smooth it.

  • What kind of vaseline should be use can i ask

  • Any sort of protrolum jelly cream/ Vaseline that will kind of put a barrier between the soar and the pee....

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