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Biggest mistake ever :/

I believe I have herpes, I received oral sex for some minutes with broken skin on my penis from using the wrong soap, it was a Sex worker, I had a beautiful gf and life was going so good but I think I've screwed everything , I asked her if she'd ever had a cold sore she said no and she had no lip sores I saw her plenty of times over the course of 2-3 weeks and never noticed any sores around her mouth but maybe they could've been inside , I only received oral once, 2 months later after drinking and stress I broke out in hives on my thighs and a red spot with a scaly shiny appearance on my penis , in the same spot that always got irritated even before the encounter, the penis spot went away in 24 hours or less I have pictures of everything, I had off testing at 6 weeks from exposure negative for both types , dr said I'm fine but at 6 weeks the test is only 70% percent to pick up those who are positive, I'm very very afraid and if I don't have it id be the happiest luckiest kid alive , any advice ? I'm going to the dr next week, I also got NGU from the encounter

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If you are tested negative then you probably are! I'd suggest your symptoms are down to anxiety


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