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help !!is it herpes or thrush

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About three months ago,I had vaginal and anal sex with my boyfriend but I used a condom.Few days later i found out that I had thrush.I used a pessary from canesten combi.Things were getting better.Now I am feeling a tingling sensation accompanied with painful urination.Its been 3 weeks.However I did not have any bumps and lesions.I am so confused help.

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it could be a water infection, if you have bad pain in your side and back its sounds like it is...this can make u feel uncomfortable inside, feeling like thrush but may well be kidney/water infection (UTI)

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Doubt it's herpes... herpes doesn't just appear out nowhere, you have to get it from someone. Probably thrush and a uti, get to the doctors and get some antibiotics

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cookie77 in reply to xturner

thanx love .One thing is that I had oral sex too.My guy came in me.So I am a bit scared.

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Scared of what? You really need to look up what herpes actually is... will help.

Come has nothing to do with herpes, it's about skin contact. You wouldn't get genital herpes from oral.

Seriously get to a doctor, it's probably nothing, but you need to do some serious research on sti's and stuff.

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You absolutely can get herpes from oral. It’s just as common as getting herpes from vaginal/anal sex.

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as per other comments, this isn't herpes am pretty sure, you may still have thrush or an bad infections, pop down to your GP and explain what is happening, he may even prescribe further antibiotics or something else to treat it, antibiotics can also cause thrush, also advise your boyfriend just to get himself checked out also as unknowingly he may have the same but without showing any symptoms.

hope this helps

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First, have you come to terms yourself with having herpes? If you haven’t, then it’s unrealistic to expect another person to understand. How well informed are you? Know the basic steps to reduce the risk to your partner. Know the facts about herpes here! You want to feel confident and knowledgeable before you can explain the infection to someone else.

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