Herpes or not?

So I had unprotected sex with this guy as a drunken mistake and two months later he says he has herpes. I then talked to another previous partner about it and we both went to our own doctors.

Both independent doctors said as we have not experienced any symptoms it's very unlikely that we have it. But I am almost certain I gave the other guy herpes as he hadn't had sex with anyone except me in a long time. My doctor suggested that as he gets cold sores he was likely to infect himself. And that I shouldn't worry.

But I can't help feeling that I'm diseased in some way. And that I'm unattractive and boys won't ever find me attractive. And even though im not diagnosed with herpes I feel that morally I need to tell any future partners about this situation. I'm having trouble eating and sleeping because I'm so stress.

My biggest concern is that if I had it and only a very mild outbreak then how am I supposed to notice the signs? I have been continually checking my area and freak out when I see even a red mark. I just don't know what to do.

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  • Hi Alice, if you had herpes you would 100% know about it, you would have to go through an initial breakout which will leave you smothered in blisters down there and will leave you bed bound and in agony. Once you have had your initial breakout (which everyone gets) you will then have future spells (or you may hrber get any more) which are less severe. The man that you slept with who has herpes is only contagious when he is having a breakout. If he was not having a breakout at the time he has sex with you, then he would not have passed the infection over to you. Please do not stress as you are not having breakouts so do not have herpes

  • Thank you so much for your reply, it's exactly what both doctors said. It's all because I was doing that silly thing of googling everything and coming to the worst conclusions. Hopefully now I'll calm down a bit.

  • Haha Yes no more googling! But I think your perfectly safe :)

  • Thank you xx

  • False information. Herpes doesn't always cause a initial outbreak that leaves u bed bound. You can catch it even if the man doesn't have symptoms of visible sores.

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