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i think i have an std? white spot type things in vagina

i have an implant so i cant get pregnant and i had sex in june, had no symptoms of an std but i missed my period but i've done a pregnancy test and it came back negative, i didnt think anything of it and had sex with someone else in august, it hurt a little bit to do so and the next day i became ill, i had a cold, sore throat, cough and head aches, i looked at my vagina using a mirror and there was some whiteish spot type things in it which hurt quite a bit, i was going to get checked out but went camping so i never went, a few weeks later it all cleared and the spots went and everything, i had sex again on saturday and it hurt a little bit but i was still fine, however yesterday my vagina started hurting quite a lot, especially when i sit down and sometimes when i pee and when i touch it, so i looked again and these white spots have come back, but i keep getting really bad pains in my vagina, is there anything i can do or take other than go to the doctors? does anyone know what could be wrong with me and will it be able to be cured?

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U should go to STD clinic now near ur home.


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