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Thrush , yeast infection or chlamydia?

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I’m 16 and experienced burning and itchiness in my vagina . Thrush? Yeast infection? Or something worrying like chlamydia or an std ? Help , do not want to go to doctors to find out. Did have sex and experienced this itchiness a couple of weeks later , thought it might be because I washed my vagina with a soap that may have caused it ?..... but not too sure

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How long ago did you use the soap and how long did the itching last?

If you live in the UK there a free and confidential clinics all over that will test you, most have walk-in times so you dont even have to make an appointment. legally, they cannot tell your parents. why not ask a friend you trust to go with you?

If its the tests themselves you are worried about, theyre nothing, some places dont even use internal swabs, just blood,urine and an external swab

You are clearly worried about your health, so should do the right thing for you and get tested.

If you really dont want to, buy a fungal treatment over the counter first and see if that clears it up

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Thank u . I am too embarrassed to seek medical help from doctors etc . Yes I do live in the uk and thanks for the advice I used femfresh intimate soap and got itchy after my shower , past few days I have been keeping it clean and not using soap and still get itchiness , I’m hoping the least I have is thrush or a yeast infection because of the soap however I had unprotected sex and fear some kind of std such as chlamydia. I have disgusting weird discharge as well

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With the discharge it sounds very much like chlamydia. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Go to freetestme on the internet and order an swab kit test. Its completely free and they will pay for the return post. If it comes back negative they will just text you. If it comes back positive they will ring you and want you to book an appointment asap. You will then be given antibiotics and should be clear in 6 weeks. Its worth it, I promise.

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Thank u but if I did order a swab test I’m very worried that my parents will see it in the post , I don’t want them finding out because they are quite strict and don’t no I’m sexually active

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Its a very subtle parcel. Your only other option is to book an appointment with your local sexual health clinic. They dont have to tell your parents.

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Hi i use femfresh and it helps with my thrush infections calms the burning and its soap free thats why i use it so it couldnt be that as that is designed for women to use on the private areas

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Thrush and a yeast infection are the same thing.

If it is not clearing itself I would recommend going to a local sexual health centre to be tested. They will tell you there and then if it is an infection of some sort (thrush or BV) or if it is a STI. They will then provide the appropriate treatment.

It’s best you see someone as leaving it longer will only make it worse and if it is an STI then you could become infertile if left too long or could spread and cause infection in the pelvic area

Don’t be embarrassed millions of people go and they are just doing their job, they are used to it :)

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Sounds like chlamydia, go and seek medical advice chlamydia can cause you to be infertile if left too long.

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My sexual partner hasn’t experienced a thing and was tested last year and he says he don’t have it , I don’t think I should be too worried , I think it might just be thrush

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my sister has had thrush and she experienced burning and itchiness so you might just have thrush and if you think you have thrush then you should go to your doctor .You will get some pills for it .If its not thrush don't use femfresh any more😁

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You could to the pharmacy and buy canesten canitest, this tests for thrush and BV. If this is negative then get yourself to the GP or sexual health clinic to be tested, if chlymidia is left untreated it can make you infertile. Don't be embarrassed it's their job they deal with these things on a daily basis.

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If in doubt always see your GP. I have seen my GP about my sexual health since I was 16 and have always been glad of it.

There is no reason to be embarrassed by them, at the end of the day they are there to help you. If you find it easier, take someone you can trust with you for support.

You can get special kits from your local supermarket and pharmacists to check for STIs if you are really unsure about seeing a GP. You do the sample at home and send it off in the post with all your contact details on. They will test it and get hold of you if there is anything to worry about.

But the quicker you are seen to the better. Chlamydia has no symptoms and could cause infertility if not treated and is very easy to pass on through unprotected sex.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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I am actually 15 so no treatment is available for me without being with my parents which I really do not want

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Are you sure? If you talk to the nurses they have to keep it confidential unless they think you’re in danger. The only time your parents should know is if you allow them to. You can get treatment without your parents knowledge as far as I’m aware because when I was 15 I was getting tested without their knowledge by a doctor. Ask a nurse if they have to keep it confidential and you’ll get your answer so don’t worry x

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I went into the doctors and asked the lady at the reception if I can see a doctor about getting tested and u would never believe it , she denied me and said it’s ‘illegal’ to get tested under age ! I thought the doctors are supposed to help u not deny u from getting help !

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They do not have specific STI / sexual health clinics where you live? In Canada we do... doesn't matter how old you are and it is completely confidential. I honestly would search out a specific clinic that is for sexual health only. They can't refuse to help you.

I could see how maybe a general practitioner might need you're parents consent because it isn't something they would have to do right all that often. Especially if the doctor was a male.

If you have really smelly bad discharge I would say its either chlamydia or maybe bacterial vaginosis.

I know its silly to say, but don't be embarrassed.. its a risk of having sex and its just important you get it treated and don't pass it around to anyone else.

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I’m 16 too. If u hv thrush sometimes I suggest u get it checked coz I had the same and I got thrush. But they checked me and I just got positive chlamydia so I advise you really do get checked coz my symptoms were unknown

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