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I really hope that someone can give me some advice. I have been in a relationship for 4 years now and the other day I was very very stupid and had unprotected sex with another female. I feel very guilty about what has happened and I regret every second of it! About 2 days after I developed some red spots underneath my foreskin. I was really scared about this so I went to the doctor the next day (3 days after the intercourse). The doctor said that it doesn't look like anything to worry about. This put my mind at rest for a couple more days. Since seeing the doc, the original red spots that developed have gone. I have had pain whilst urinating once. I have felt generally un well. I now have a lump around my anus, (I am thinking hemeroids though as I have had them in the past but not diagnosed) and I also have 2 red dots/spot on the end of my penis. They arn't sore, itchy or have pus in them, just red dots. I havn't had any discharge either.

Am I worrying over nothing or could I have caught something? I am terrified that I have caught some disease from her and I dont want to pass this on to my partner (ex if she finds out). Please can you give me some advice on this situation?

Thank you

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The spots on the penis that come and go sound like skin irritation / fungal infection "thrush" to me (which isn't sti related). But you have had unprotected sex and have had some urinary symptoms.

The only way you are going to be completely reassured is to get checked out for STI's at your GP's or a clinic. Because you've had symptoms I'd recommend you visit a sexual health /GUM clinic as they will be able to do the tests right there and then.

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Thank you for the very quick reponse. The spots arn't there all the time. Right now they arn't visible. The stinging whilst urinating the one time, could it be from dehydration as I am currently in a hot climate?

The tests that you talk about. Can you get the results from these tests right there and then or do you have to wait a while?

If you go to a GUM clinic (having not had a wee for 2 hours before hand) and tell them you've had stinging when you pee they can do a swab to look at under the microscope there and then. It gives a basic idea ie it will say there is probably a / no evidence of infection. They will send chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests off which can take two weeks to come back. As well as offering you blood tests for HIV and syphilis.

Dehydration can definitely give you burning when you wee.

Until you get checked out and get negative results you're going to be worrying about it so best to get it sorted.

Ok Charlie Joe. Thank you for your response. Its very much appreciated! Fingers crossed it all turns out ok. Have a good Christmas :)

I will update when I find out

hi penis2012 i would advice you attend the gum clinic like joe said but now a days you get your results within the hour but the hiv they will recomend waiting you wait 3 months as it takes this long for it to show in your system... will tell you tho that hiv and sythelus are done with a pin prick in your finger... hope it turns out to be just stress than anything too bad.. nic :-)

Thank you for your advice nikki. I really hope it is stress as what I have done is terrible! Im not one for cheating. I never have! It was a stupid mistake and I hope that I can move on from this hiccup. I can tell her what has happened and prob never see her again but to tell her that I have an STD would be horrific!

Im so worried about all of this that I am probably seeing things which have always been there and just never noticed it before. I did notice the other day when I masturbated that the spots had gone down but the next day (after masturbation) the spot came back which again looks more like a friction thing. There isn't any more pain while urinating and still no discharge 2 weeks later.

Im still going to get checked out to be on the safe side

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