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do i have an sti ?

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i had unprotected sex & a week after got this pain close to the vaginal opening, its like n itch but hurts when i pee. went to the doctor & the prescribed antibiotics for a uti but days later the lips are very tingly and sore to the touch it just feels so irritated down there...they did a culture on my urine & im waiting for the results. is it just a painful uti or something else...what could this be?

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Hi there!

It could be an sti, like herpes as I had similar symptoms when I was diagnosed but theres also other reasons you could be sore down there, such as thrush and a uti, if it were herpes your doctor would've have probably guessed and known straight away so it may not be an sti at all.

My likely guess would be that it could just be thrush and the reason why it hasn't got better is because you do not have the right medication for it. A couple years ago I had unprotected sex and straight after had a swollen, sore and itchy vagina, I was in so much pain! Worked myself so much thinking I caught chlamydia but it turned out it was just thrush. But then again I'm not a doctor so I cannot give accurate answers. Just wait for the results and I'm sure that it will be all fine.

Also I doubt it could be chlamydia as you're experiencing symptoms one week after sex when it takes two weeks for chlamydia to grow so you can only test positive for chlamydia two weeks after transmission.

Just hang in there until you get the results or maybe try taking a thrush oral tablet and some cream for now to see if that does the trick and if that works then it will have just been thrush which is harmless.

Hope it all goes well, good luck!

rule out herpes?

Sounds like a uti

hello, any news from the culture?

Well, I wouldn't worry too much at this moment. I'd strongly suggest following up with whatever your doctor tells you to do. Drink a lot of water, and continuously sterilize the area in which you feel can be prone to infection.

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