Very sore after sex

I just wanted to know if anyone experiences the same thing as me, almost every time I have sex my vagina is very sore and sensitive the next day to the point that just sitting down is uncomfortable. It seems to be mostly just underneath the opening and stings a bit when I go to the toilet.

I'm not convinced this is a 'wetness' issue because it seems to happen regardless of whether extra lubrication is used or not...

Does anyone else have this issue and if so what do they do to deal with it?

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  • I got checked three weeks ago and I'm all good, this happens every time I have sex just about...

  • R u using any lubricant or gel or IUCD ?

  • I've used lubricant in the past but it doesn't really change the situation much. I don't have an IUCD, I'm on the pill

  • What exactly is sore? Is it an internal pain? Do you think it's your urethra (wee hole!) stinging or is it just the skin that's sore from the friction of sex?

    I have a VERY active sex life. I do get sore on occasion if I have lots in a short period of time but I'd go to my local clinic to get checked to set your mind at ease.

    You should be able to enjoy safe sex not be worried! Bx

  • No it's around the entrance really, I think it's the friction but it happens basically every time... I don't need to go get checked I've been recently and I'm fine.

  • Are you fat?

  • ... Not sure what that's got to do with anything but no, I'm a size 8.

  • I have similiar condition like you do ,but i am fat ,I don't know if it has got something to do with weight ......

  • or maybe you are too nervous when you are in it ....

  • Oh I see. I don't think so, I don't remember ever being nervous.

  • let me tell you ,the best way is to avoid it ,if you know it surely let you feel uncomfortable ....

  • Avoid having sex? I'd rather not lol

  • u did not mention if u are using condoms. u could have an allergy. another factor is the type of sex. are u and partner rough on each other? another factor is position? have u tried different position?

  • No condoms and yeah can be rough... Yeah lots of different positions, doesn't seem to make a difference

  • Dear xturner,

    You may have a little split in the skin, just at the opening. This is quite common as it's a often the point of tension during sex. It gets re-opened each time you have sex.

    I would recommend you visit a Sexual Health / GUM clinic so they can take a look for you. ( Not just a quick swab for chlamydia, get someone to actually look!

    Do you have any other skin conditions? Eczema and psoriasis are quite common in the genital area and can make the skin sore and prone to splitting.

    General advice would be avoid sex for a couple of weeks to allow things to heal, then go slowly with plenty of lube.

    Kind regards.

  • Yeah this has definitely happened before , although I don't think it was the case this time. I do have eczema a little bit although I've never noticed anything down there that looked like it.

    I've since has sex again with the same guy and it was fine!

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