what std may i have?

for a couple weeks now ive been feeling extremely wet and itchy in my butt hole and my vagina its so uncomfortable and i just feel like crying i try not to wear tight undies or pants its still dont work even when i dont wear any i still feel wet and itchy or burning in my vagina and butt hole or around it . ive also been having reallybad lower back pain and my breast has been achy and tingly and burning. ive been having abdominal pain and headaches and really bad ordor down there ive never had that problem but even after i shower i smell and i taste very strong and kind of acidic im scared cause ive only had never had protected sex cause im allergic and was never really educated on stds and stuff and i had several partners but this is an eye opener and ive learned .

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  • No idea, thrush maybe? Or bacterial vaginosis? Go and get swabbed instead of worrying about it.

  • thank you and i do have a doctors appointment on tuesday but i have really bad anxiety and always worry too muchabout everything but i appreciate it

  • Could be chlamydia if it's an sti, sounds like symptoms I had but could also just be a bacterial infection.

    Oh yeah I know about the worrying, you'll be fine 🙂 It'll be a massive relief when you get treated.

  • it was chlamydia i ws treated but still having the stomach and back pains and achy boobs and i actually got my period i was happy until it was heavy which is not normal for me so now im anxious and wanting toget tested for everythin

  • Its shounds like u have gonorrhea go to a gum clinic and get tested and they will give u treatment

  • yeah i found out and it was chlamydia. i took the meds on wednesday and still have burning and frequent urine a little scared its more than chlamydia since symptoms are stilll here after the meds

  • U should go bk and get tested a again be on the safe side

  • It takes about a week to ten days to clear up doesn't it? I had to go back in 3 months to be checked again because the nurse said you have to be 100% sure. Give it some time, u may need another dose because it's gone untreated for so long?

  • thank you

  • Am not sure what you may have but I think it's best you visit the doctor and find out than stressing yourself about something you don't know about

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