Red spots on penis HELP!

Red spots on penis HELP!

I have these red blemishes on my penis. They don't itch or hurt. Ive had them for about a week now. Ive had them before and they eventually went away for about a year. I got tested. No herpes. But you never know. Let me know what you think. Is it just soap, clothes, allergy, or irritation? I also have red bumps on my left buttocks that itch. Felt like spider bites. Ive been using cortisone cream and they seem to be getting better. I'll go see a doctor Friday but let me know if you have any advice, I'm avoiding a potential relationship because of this. Last time it lasted for awhile..... but seemed to disappear once I quit using so much lotion. Is it like chapped lips, you use chapstick and then when you stop your lips can't keep moisture and crack?

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  • It looks dry, try washing with dermol 500, it's a soap substitute and has no perfume in it . Do you get skin problems anywhere else? It's not heroes , so don't worry. If it doesn't get better go to a clinic

  • Hey there well wanted to ask that I just noticed that I had one red spot like that but in the head of the penis & wanted to ask if it was the Axe soap Im using that making me have that or something???? Because I took a shower yesterday & then today and I just saw the red spot on it and I was super scared!!

  • As long as there is no rash like that all over your body it looks like excma ( or possibly another skin (not infection) condition called psoriasis .

    Both usually respond to moisturisers and and a mild steroid cream you can buy in the chemist (hydrocortisone).

    Worth getting a full STI check up anyway (including blood tests) but doesn't look like an STI to me.

    let us know how you get on!

  • Did U ever find out what it was cause I got it on my dick to

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