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spots on penis: 2 red spots on mid/lower penis, and clusters of small ones under foreskin - on head and below rim. WHAT ARE THEY?!

(am a straight male). i've been with 3 girls in the past couple of weeks and spent the nights with them. and i am not certain that they were all completely safe sex.

I noticed the 2 larger spots on mid/lower penis a few days ago, thought they were just some weird pimples and I dismissed them, thinking they were from razor burn, but they're still here and now i don't think they are acne. ~3-4mm diameter, red, slightly shiny and on the mid/lower penis (but below hairline).

Also noticed (today) clusters of red spots under my foreskin (on the 'head' and just below it), they are similar in appearance to the other ones, but smaller and not as noticable.

kinda freaking out. please God let it be something small and harmless! really appreciate help!

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I think u should go to sti clinic to check better.may be condyloma or herpies.


ok no worries they've since disappeared... thank's for the reply :P phew! not doing that again.


Remember always use safe sex with a condom altime when it comes to be sexual active I know you said cluster spots have gone if they come back go to your doctor .



glad they have gone. I would definately still go to a sexual health clinic though, always worthwhile as you dont' always get symptoms with stis and so important to check, especially if not sure you had safe sex. About two weeks after the last time you had sex is a good time to go.


You may never read this, but to anyone in a similar situation who may stumble across this thread:

You should 100% still get STI tests done. Just because you no longer have the symptons doesn't mean you aren't infected. When going to get your tests done, I would explicitly ask for HSV-1 and HSV-2, along with what they usually test (HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.) You many times need to wait for an incubation period, and that period of time is different for each STI. I'd recommend abstaining from sex for 6 weeks then getting your first full test. Then get follow-up tests 3 and 6 months after (or each month if you have the option to do so). Ideally, I'd say abstain for that full 6-month period until you're fully cleared after multiple tests.


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