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might this be herpes on penis?

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herpes simples on penis?

i had these red rush on my penis and they left me after few days... might that be herpes? just a bit of itch

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All you can tell from the pic is some redness. If you have concerns a sexual health clinic can do a swab test

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zmrc in reply to Galen70

yeah i miss it, now it's cleaned up so i guess pointless

i was just worried about that due the tiny tiny white spot inside the red, but they were not blisters

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If it recurs , attend a sexual health service for a swab. Herpes ulcers tend to be painful with fluid coming out.

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zmrc in reply to Galen70

hey thanks... no indeed no pain, it was a little bit itchy, but really close to nothing

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Even tho they have only just gone I would say you can still make out the tiny little blisters. Herpes can be itchy also, alike to cold sores where the skin gets tight and itchy just before the ulcers appear. Sometimes you may only experience one outbreak and then nothing for years but you may carry the infection. Get the ulcers tested should they occur again to be certain.

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Had something similar but I do construction and got tested and had nothing the doctor said it could have been irrational from the friction from my cloths rubbing on it

Hi zmrc,

Forgive me, but I'm assuming you're heterosexual?

Can I ask if you've ever experienced this 'rash' before or recurrently, especially soon after unprotected vaginal sex? Because if it's an itchy rash and comes on soon after sex (like within 1-2 hours) it could simply be candidal balanoposthitis (i.e. thrush).

Does your partner suffer from thrush? If she does and she had a flare up of the condition around the time you both had sex, then thrush is a strong possibility.

If this is likely, then get some over-the-counter clotrimazole cream 1% (Canesten) and apply this to the penile rash twice daily for a week or so. At the same time, ask you partner to get treated for thrush.



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