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I have spot type bumps on my penis. Help!

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The spots aren't itchy or cause any distress but they are embarrassing! It is almost like acne but they aren't red or inflamed but they can release white dry puss if pressured. Please someone help! Ive had them for over maybe two years! I really thought they would go away.

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Hi Eric-LFC

Based on your description, molloscum sounds like a possibilty, but take that cautiously as it really does require someone to look at and diagnose them. In any case, you should not be squeezing them as the fluid that comes out may end up spreading the infection further.

Hope that helps


Dear Eric-LFC,

It sounds like they're just normal sebaceous glands. These can be more obvious in some people and look like little yellow/white lumps under the skin. Their purpose is to secrete oils to keep the skin healthy.

Best to pop to your nearest Sexual Health / GUM clinic to get them checked if you are concerned. ( Find your nearest here: bashh.org/clinics)

Kind regards,

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Hi thanks for the reply but looked it up and it doesn't look like what I have it's predominately along the shaft and testicals they are also not as obvious and prominent as the pictures ive seen

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Don't forget if you google pictures it'll show you the worst possible cases so it probably won't look like what you have. Go to your Sti clinic.

They might just be molluscum contagiousum, look it up, if it is then the treatment is podofilox, but don't use this on the sensitive part of the penis above the circumcision scar.

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