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Painful red lump penis


Hi there I’m worried about this painful red lump that appeared a week ago in my penis. I felt itchiness and saw it a week ago but the itchiness dissapeared and it started to get smaller troughtout the week almost to disappear it grew back and started to hurt this weekend after I mastrubated and it hurts to the touch it’s also a little itchy. It doesn’t look like anything I could found online so I wonder if it’s more like an irritation or alérgic reaction?

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hi, i think that you should look up the address of your nearest sexual health center or you could just purchase a tube blue canesten cream, use a little of this and it should clear up, if not then seek help.

Scottie26 in reply to skinhead09

Thanks I’ll do that today

Hi there. I would go to the clinic or doctors to me it looks like genital herpes from personal experience. I wasn't with anybody for around 16months untill I got my first outbreak.

My expereince it was around March 2014 I had my first outbreak I keept getting the flu for around 2 months before my first outbreak. They say that you get flu like symtoms it's difficult with herpes you can not point who you got it off you can have it for years or months before you ever get your first outbreak and some people don't even no they have it. Herpes can be caught orally passed to the genitals or skin to skin contact (genital to genital) so if you have a partner it doesnt mean they have cheated. I was confused at first if you have a partner you need to tell them chances are if they are understanding they won't mind.

Don't let this make you feel dirty it's very common in the USA and UK.

If you have a partner you need to tell them don't go blaming thats the worst thing you can do. I told my partner over a text message or say it face to face sit down and talk about it. as the years go on it gets easier to deal with and outbreaks are less often.

I have been with my partner for 2years now and she doesn't mind and now we are trying for a baby.

Now if you have a partner please tell them I hope you both sort it and work things out it gets easier to deal with.

Men are more likely to pass it on to women than women to men!

Good luck.

Scottie26 in reply to Kasim2489

Thanks for sharing your story I didn’t get any flu like symptoms before this I got oral sex from someone I have always been so cautions about using condom When it comes to penetration

I will use canesten as suggested and if it dones not go away I will go to my doctor

Kasim2489 in reply to Scottie26

Do you have a partner? Have you ever had the flu? Everybody is different not everyone gets the same symptoms but to me that is what it looks like.


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