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Red spots on penis Help!

I have these red blemishes on my penis. They don't itch or hurt. Ive had them for about a week now. Ive had them before and they eventually went away for about a year. I got tested. No herpes. But you never know. Let me know what you think. Is it just soap, clothes, allergy, or irritation? I also have red bumps on my left buttocks that itch. Felt like spider bites. Ive been using cortisone cream and they seem to be getting better. I'll go see a doctor Friday but let me know if you have any advice, I'm avoiding a potential relationship because of this. Last time it lasted for awhile..... but seemed to disappear once I quit using so much lotion. Is it like chapped lips, you use chapstick and then when you stop your lips can't keep moisture and crack?

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If it it herpes you they won't be able to diagnose it unless the spots are present when you visit them. Sounds like it might be to be but don't stress. Just keep and eye out and go to your sexual health clinic when and if they next appear.

Just remember herpes isn't even a.l big deal. Visit to get the facts about it.


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