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Bad scarring on my penis frenulum, please help?


Hey, I have really bad scarring where my frenulum is, but I can't see my frenulum, this is due to slipping on a rail and cutting the frenulum. And I tried to have sex with my girlfriend, but we stopped because it was too painful for me to carry on because of the feeling of my frenulum stretching we tried to have sex about 2 month ago but it tore again. Hope I can get some answers.

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What's your question?

What should I do about the scarring on my frenulum?

RankAmateur in reply to km1997

I'm sorry no-one has replied quicker to your question. Tearing and pain is not good and should be checked out.

The answer is... you need a medical assessment. Go see your GP or a GUM clinic for advice. Go to whichever you'd rather. There are advice and procedures (such as a frenuloplasty) available - so be positive - but knowing what's best definitely needs a medical assessment.

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