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My friend has hep B and syphilis. she was on a drip. the needle went into my finger. Is it possible that her diseases will be passed onto me

My friend has hep B and syphilis and has done for 20 years. Recently she was on a drip and when the nurse pulled out the needle I moved a bit close to the action and the needle went into my finger, in fact it seemed like it went into my vein. I bled a bit. Is it possible that her diseases will be passed onto me?

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It is possible to pass on the disease like that but dont panic you should go to your gp or nearest gum clinic and explained what happened and theyl advise you on what to do both hep b and syphillis can easily be treated early


The short answer is yes, but both are preventable and treatable. In the case of Hepatitis B depending when the incident was you can be given an injection of antibodies to hepatitis B and a vaccination which can prevent infection. Regarding syphilis some doctors would give you antibiotics just in case, some would prefer to wait and monitor your blood tests.

Either way you need to see a doctor specializing in these infections quickly. In the UK it's brest to head to a GUM (sexual health) clinic. You may want to talk to the doctors looking after your friend too as they will probably be able to point you in the right direction.


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