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Only Women Allowed!

I was really lacking in self-confidence, and had all the thoughts and feelings

we all would rather be without! Most of us have been there at one time or

another, the trick is, how to find a way to make yourself feel better?

For me, the step I needed was Tyneside Womens' Health.

They are based in new premises just off the High Level Bridge in Gateshead,

and also hold sessions in Byker. Both places are disabled friendly, and

it's possible to be dropped off at the door.

At my induction session I told the Counsellor I had Ataxia, and explained

about the worry of slurring and poor balance.

Initially I was apprehensive about talking about my 'hangups' in a group

of strangers'. The sessions were led by a Counsellor (she was lovely), very

informal and relaxed and the strangers' are now friends! Everyone was there

because they needed to regain their self-confidence (for whatever reason) and

we quickly bonded, gave each other support and had a good laugh!

A range of sessions are available, including Crafts and drop-in Coffee Mornings.

On Monday I went to the Christmas Coffee Morning, joined in singing carols

( I felt sorry for the person next to me) and got a present from Santa.

I'm so glad I managed to overcome my initial misgivings and persevere with

the course. If anyone would like to visit Tyneside Womens' Health, and feels

they'd just like someone to go with them, please contact me.

Best regards



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That sounds great! Wish there was something like that where I live x


Hi Cally!

I can't tell you how good if felt to finally put thoughts into words, it really took

a load off. No-one judged each other, just supported. What was said in the

room, stayed in the room. It wasn't 'touchy feely' either, totally down to earth.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!



Hi Beryl

Good for you.I have had those thoughts and feelings too. Glad you did something positive.


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year Marie



Only Women Allowed!


Why do they discriminate at males ?


'Only Women Allowed' was my title after reading tips on how to make

a blog interesting etc. I thought is sounded fun, and felt it related to the

subject of womens health in general. The organisation is called

Tyneside Womens Health, they specialise in helping women. Some

women may have to contend with abuse at home, they would find

it difficult if males participated.


How great to hear this! I am delighted for you!

I think the power of friendship is absolutely key for us - I know it is for me - and by taking that first step it's now happening for you........





Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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