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I have just been informed that I have to pay £20 for my next Blue badge, which has to be applied for and renewed every three years. I have written to my local counsellor about this as I live in a vast area where parking is free for all. I only ever use these parking facilities as I don't travel very far. I do not understand why Disabled people are being penalised because they are disabled! Are there others who are able to share my frustration? I live in Cumbernauld, N. lanarkshire, Scotland.

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  • Hi Ian :-)

    Northumberland charged me £10 recently for my first Blue Badge.

    I don't know what it'll be to renew it.

    I also paid my GP £25 for the letter endorsing my condition. That's

    what I feel like complaining about!

    :-) xBeryl

  • £25 is a rediculess amount to pay Wobblybee!

  • i pay £10.00 for mine ad renew every 3 yrs personally i think its a good idea to stop those who do not need it getting one.

  • It does sound a good idea to prevent those who fraud the system xray. But why are the genuine disabled being punished because of a mindless few fraudsters?

  • i no its unfair the disabled are always penalised, and it does not always stop non disabled people from parking in the disabled bays but it is a bit of a deterant.

  • I have to pay £10 too but every 5 years. £20 does seem a little steep.

  • I am £20 every 3 years. I stay in Dundee, Scotland x

  • I'm afraid the £20 seems to be a feature of living in Scotland. The "maximum fee" is £20 in Scotland but only £10 in England.



  • Its not so much the fee itself but more to do with why genuine disabled persons have to pay this fee especially as the majority of parking is free where I stay. I also have to add that there are many times I cannot get a wider disabled bay because they are often full up. Its very frustrating!

  • I'm informed that the cost pays for the manufacturing of the actual badge, printing etc.

    I have to say where I live it's a real help. Parking is hard to find and very expensive.

    I agree however every system is open to abuse and the genuine ultimately pay the price

  • Just read on Google that is right

    £20 in Scotland £10.00 in England which I paid last September & free in Wales why free in Wales?

  • Hi...prescription charges are also free in Wales that's just how it is. We live on the Welsh border but in England. There are differences in education as well . Write to your MP and they will investigate and provide you with an answer. X

  • I have already done this thanks Floramac

  • I'm afraid I can't answer to your frustration in having to pay a fee for your Blue Badge, as I live in the USA. Disabled Parking Cards are free here, although a fee might not be a bad idea to help prevent non-disabled people from getting one. Also, I'm certain that the cost is coming out of funds from somewhere, like our car registration fees, as Disabled Parking Cards are provided through the Secretary of States office...,;o)

  • Hi Iain, I'm just across the boarder from you in south Lanarkshire. I've just paid £20 for a blue badge for myself and £20 for one for my daughter. I did find this steep as there is a lot of free parking about this area too. However the authourities say it's to prevent fraud but I would think those so fraudesters would still be able to make conterfix badges. I agree why should the we have to pay for the dishonest but I quess that's the way it goes so often in so many ways.

  • Hi, I live in France and we don't pay for our blue badge. However we have to pay the car park charges just like everyone else. This stops any reason for fraud and the inspectors or police are really hot on giving fines to anyone parked in the spaces without a badge. The fine is an on the spot 110 euros!

  • Thanks for all your replies. Not sure that a charge from disabled users would prevent any reason for fraud Wibblywobbly. As an example as Leona has stated; fraudsters may still be able to make counterfeit badges. I wouldn't mind so much paying like everyone else in places where everyone else pays providing I was able to access the wider disabled spaces.

  • In Cumbria, England, £10 fee only if successful for Blue Badge. Lasts for 3 years where another £10 will be paid. Lancashire County Council offer free parking when Blue Badge displayed. Whereas all parking providers in Cumbria County charge for parking but offer an extra one hour when Blue Badge is displayed. In Cumbria there are 3 principal car park providers, National Park Authority (LDNPA), National Trust and local councils. All have different ways of administering Blue Badge parking. When visiting Cumbria (1 of 20 million) do your research and prepare for your visit. Things need doing before you arrive.

    From £10 payment to Blue Badge arriving took 6 days. Blue Badge making is out sourced and presumably a charge to Cumbria County Council. BTW Blue Badge people will NOT contact you when unsuccessful. So how do you know what's going on?

    As you can surmise, I live in Cumbria and still drive.

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