Does anyone know how this new extra rent for an extra bedroom works?

I have heard that even in sheltered accommodation we will have to pay extra rent for having a 2 bedroom bungalow when there are just the 2 of us, even although it was the Housing OT assessment officer who decided the extra bedroom was needed as my husband is a lorry driver who may not get home every night so I would need someone to stay over when I was having a bad day . I would be interested to know if anyone has had a letter or heard anything about this


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  • Hi

    I have not heard anything about that. Do you remember where you heard it from?


  • This may help I just received details of this from orbit heart of england housing association and it looks to me as though it apply to housing benefit ie unused bedrooms will not be paid for but there are some exceptions and as your OT said you needed 2 you may be exempt reading between the lines it looks like it is designed to get people to downsize when they don't need the room

  • Thank you Johnpa ,

    Hariet My friend got a letter, as did my next door neighbour, my next door neighbour lives on her own in a 2 bedroom bungalow, and has done for 10 years, she has to pay £34 per month extra . I was Moved into the bungalow from a large 3 bedroom house, My friend who is over 60 and on Housing benefit and pension credits as well as DLA and still lives in her 3 bedroom family home got a letter saying as from next April she will have to pay £11+ per week for her unused bedrooms .


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