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What a difference 24hrs can make!

Today, I was up and ready early, I expected to attend an appointment at 11am. My

daughter was going into work late, and coming to give me a lift. I rang twice to try

and confirm the appointment and was cut off each time, the person called back and

we were cut off. Finally getting through on my mobile I was told it would now be

later next week. Great! Outside it's more like November, dull and dark. The tone

seems set for the day!

Yesterday, it was lovely outside, the sun was shining and the sky bright blue. I felt

energy flowing, well - as much as it ever does! I even managed to get myself out

for a photo ID I needed, although I can't say I think it's very flattering. The day got

even better, I baked and it was edible!

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the weather seems to affect me as well this cold horrible weather means I havent been out much if I have its only for an hour and when I get back in the cold seems to have sapped all my energy so even pottering around the house is an effort but im being positive this cold weather cant last forever .We just have to learn to take the good days as a blessing and enjoy them hope you are having a good day today xx


I came downstairs this morning to the sound of high pitched calls from my cat. With his

nose up against the glass door, was the 'king of the road' cat who calls regularly. Obviously

I was running late, and was keeping him waiting for breakfast. After feeding both cats, I sat to have mine, not long after I heard more agitation. A new cat to the neighborhood stood outside the glass door hissing and generally being unpleasant. What cheek!

To add insult, before he finally took off he sat in the middle of one of my favourite plants and did 'whatever'! .


I dislike pets but am thinking of biting the bullet and getting a dog. Are the helpful?N


Hi Neta,

Would this be a dog specifically trained to help with disability? Beryl


Dogs are wonderful companions, and love you no matter what! Wobblybee is right, a dog specifically trained to help with disability would be great! ;o)


The sunshine always makes a difference in our lives too!!!!

We have to centre on the positive, no matter how difficult it it is at the time. 💜💜😁😁


Beautiful sunshine this morning, I hope it's setting the tone for the Bank Holiday

Weekend😊 xB


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