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Ataxia and New Doctors

The 3 Doctors at my local health centre have recently left (2 retired due to ILL Health and one to work nearer their home town) so all the Doctors we now have are new. and require further information on Ataxia . I have the Ataxia UK publications list, would it be better for me just to hand the list to my new Doctors so they can select which publications they require, as there are so many items on the list I find it all confusing .................Did anyone else have trouble deciding which publications to tick ?

Regards Helen

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I gave one of my GPs the info pack from AtaxiaUK, he said he would read it with interest. At any appt I've had since, no-one has ever asked about the condition, or how I'm managing it.


I have just got back from seeing DR HENN and I took him the form when I seen him today he ticked every box and said that all the leaflets would be more than useful and he kept my copy of the Ataxian to read through....... I have just had a call from the surgery asking if I have any more back dated copies of my Ataxia magazine and if so could he have them and leave them for reading in the surgery .......I think that is a very positive step and much more interest than any of the 3 Retiring Doctors ever showed :)

He also asked if I wanted or needed the asessment team to call round and see if there was anything that could be improved for me in and around my home ......I feel so much better now :)

I am sorry your GP was not more helpful Wobblybee

Have a good weekend



Hi Helen,

You must feel uplifted after this experience! I wish we all could have this sort

of interest shown by our GPs.

I was stuck outside my car unable to find the key (large bag with many pockets)

suddenly the sun went in and it hailstoned, on Friday!

Best regards



the ataxia pack was a gdsend to me. untill i got that i sounded patronising triing toexplain myself. thanks to sheila from ataxia uk. i feel finally i can move forward.


I have given a pack for my doctor.He is most helpful.


If anyone has interest, the National Ataxia Foundation here in the US has many "free" sheets of information on the different types of ataxia, etc. Google "National Ataxia Foundation" to find the site if interested..., ;o)


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