part time wheel chair users

I have just been emailed this from Tim Spivey of virtual ataxia fame

I am in the same situation as I don't have any big bit's missing I won't use a chair and even feel self conscious using my scooter, passes like driving licenses would cut the fraud but it would allso categorise people which could be a bad thing what do others feel.

by the way on this new site how do we add tags all the help is in martian as far as I am concernad

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  • thanks for this I use a wheelchair 98% of the time but round the house I try and walk to give my legs a bit of exercise, at football I need my chair but if I jumped up I would fall on my face

  • At UK games you have to have a letter from the DWP confirming you get DLA and photo ID when you book. Though because it is an international event it's harder with different countries having different standards but they manage at other big events.

    When I was younger I hated Little Britain because I felt people would compare me to the character that jumps out of his wheelchair every time his friends back is turned.

  • annasgonesailing has raised something I didn't know and no one else does I suspect if you have any evidence about this it would be helpful to our reputation if you sent it to yahoo so they could print a correction [though few would read it] or perhaps send it to their competitors who I am sure would jump at the chance to make them look bad.

  • In situations like this I wouldn't mind being asked for evidence, because it would really annoy me if I couldn't get in because people who don't need a wheelchair were taking up the spaces. And it would be annoying if people were allowed to take advantage because noone investigated through fear of causing offence. But then again people should know that there's a lot of difference between being able to stand and being able to walk.

    And I think if you use a wheelchair you are going to be categorized as such. It makes you different to the majority of people, there's no way of getting around it. It's only when my using a wheelchair is unnecessarily 'noticed' (sorry, I couldn't think of a better word) or 'noticed' in a negative way that I have a problem. And, to me, I don't think ensuring that I am physically disabled when I use disabled seating is unnecessary.

  • Not too sure how to respond to your post wobelyjohn but on a prersonally experience I could indeed stand up while sitting in a chair and put my hands in the air. As Wildone stated in her answer there is a difference between being able to stand and being able to walk.

  • My son is a part time wheelchair user, he has had some funny looks from people when he decides to walk and push his chair, I do feel like explaining it to people. People need to educated themselves about different disabilities.

  • I've just started using my chair indoors but it's more for my dignity than a physical need, I feel better answering the front door from my chair rather than on my knees! It took me ages to accept but now it's so much better for my energy levels and my dignity.

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