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Suggestions for polls, please!

Hi everyone

We try and set a new poll about every month. Polls are questions with a choice of answers for the reader to choose a single or multiple answers. There is also a link to the the current poll from the main Ataxia UK website.

We would very much welcome and appreciate any suggestions you have for polls. If you click on 'polls' in the menu bar there is a separate section to 'suggest a poll'.

Harret (HarryB)

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I've asked one to help raise awareness that there are support groups all around the country.


I saw that Iain and I think it is wonderful. Thank you. I will put it up in about 2 weeks.



I think awareness is important as people think I have had a stroke or MS.They do not know about Ataxia.


Here are some suggestions.

Were you offered support by your doctor or neurologist after diagnosis of Ataxia?

Have you not told anyone about your Ataxia?

Does your GP know about or understand Ataxia (as far as you can tell)?

Have you had any adverse reactions from family or friends (or anyone else) after telling them about your Ataxia?

Have you applied for ESA on grounds of Ataxia and been refused?

Are you getting DLA on grounds of Ataxia?

Have you applied for DLA on grounds of Ataxia and been refused?

Who provides you with support regarding Ataxia? GP, Neurologist, specialist clinic, no-one

Do you have a will?

Do you need help with your will - completing or registering, etc?

Have you named Ataxia UK as a beneficiary on your will?


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