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Good Morning to all Ataxians :-) 10 Jan 2017

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Am I going to Fall?

I’m sitting here looking at my screen and wondering what nonsense to blurt out that might make you smile but I’m struggling a bit this morning, symptom wise which is pushing away at my mood – trying to get me down.

I know :-)

I’ll give everyone the chance to moan or cringe early – so a Joke Folks:

At the Doctors – Memory Huh…

Three Ataxians are at the doctor's to take a memory test.

The doctor decides to save his time and have the 3 patients in together.

Doctor to the patient 1, "What are three times three?

Patient 1 answers - "274" .

Doctor worriedly says to patient 2 , "It's your turn. What are three times three?"

Patient 2 answers "Tuesday".

Doctor sadly says to patient 3, "Okay, your turn. What are three times three"?

Patient 3 answers confidently "Nine".

Doctor is elated -

"That's great!" he exclaims. "How did you get that"?

Patient 3

"Easy Doc, "I just subtracted 274 from Tuesday."

Yeah, not bad – makes perfect sense to me Hee Hee :-)

That's it for today... I was going to ask the community for their thoughts on Cognition but I've forgotten why :-) so I'm off for a wee lie down to recharge the batteries a bit.

See ya and Take Care... Cubby. :-)

12 Replies
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Hi Cubby

Thank you for daily post ,gives us something to smile at

Be strong


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Bert4of6 in reply to simon111

Hello Mary... thanks for that. :-)

Mind you though... the wife wouldn't thank you for encouraging my madness or my loonyism as she like to call it.

That aside, we've all have to keep smiling or else despair gets in and that can paralyse all hope... :-)

I wish you and the lad good/better fortune in this New Year &

please... you be strong too...

Take care... Cubby. :-)

wobblybee profile image

Cognition🤔 😉xB

Bert4of6 profile image
Bert4of6 in reply to wobblybee

Hello again Bee, I must confess to being somewhat confused by your reply "Cognition"? Am I missing something (apart from my marbles that is)?

Mind you, my cognitive prowess has taken a bit of a bashing over the last few years so it would be no surprise if I miss any obvious meaning for your one word reply but I’m now intrigued and I hope you’ll enlighten me soon… please. :-)

Take Care… Cubby.

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thankyou cubby ,you cheer us up with your positive attitude

Bert4of6 profile image
Bert4of6 in reply to petbar

Hi petbar... You are very welcome... :-)

Take Care... Cubby.

february profile image

LOL! That's a good one Cubby! Laughing is so good for the soul, and seeing how ataxia ISN'T, all we can do is laugh and look at the brighter side of life! Have a great day...,;o)

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Bert4of6 in reply to february

Hello February... this is January calling lol, sorry. :-)

Yeah mate, laughing has definitely got to be good for us because, frankly, there's not a whole lot of other things to brighten up our existence.

Right no more Gloom...

Take Care... Cubby :-)

isabelalfaiate profile image

Thank you Cubby, so funny. Keep iit up, I certainly look forward to your post.

take care


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Bert4of6 in reply to isabelalfaiate

Hello again Isabela... you are welcome and I will try to keep it up - that is, until someone screams out in protest " Stop him, he's driving me nuts like himself" lol.

Take Care... Cubby :-)

wibblywobbly profile image

hi cubby,

thank you for your posts. You're giving me a laugh each day😁. I love your looniness


Bert4of6 profile image
Bert4of6 in reply to wibblywobbly

Hi Wibbly... :-)

Thanks for that. Aye lass, there's nout like a bit of lunacy to brighten a day which, otherwise, may only hold gloom for some. :-)

So keep yer chin up & take care... Cubby. :-)

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