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Find your Passion

Final tip!

Find your passion. It helps anyone but particularly ataxians to cope.

We all have at least one but need to find out what it is because it will be unique to you. Some people may have got an inkling from their school days when something was really enjoyable and easy to do.

This is how I discovered my passion.

I had always loved art lessons, but they would fly by. I was hopeless at every other subject and hated school! When I found out that I had inherited my Dad's faulty gene and that I had SCA1 coming , I asked myself if I had any regrets, while I still had time and my family were growing-up and didn't need so much of my time. I decided that I wished I had done more art, so I enrolled on an Art Foundation Course. From this I soon discovered that I am a hopeless drawer and painter but I could do ceramics and enjoyed photography. I went on to study Art and Design and used some of my medical insurance money to buy a kiln. Weather permitting, I can now make ceramics at home.

I have discovered that I cannot sculpt or throw pots but I love playing with clay in my own strange way. When I am depressed it helps to cheer me up and I can spend hours in my workshop. Like everything, I am having to adapt and change the way in which I do things and I definitely am getting slower.

Obviously if you enjoyed being a top athlete or similarly challenging passion you may not be able to keep persuing it but many things can be adapted and if you are lucky you might discover a new interest.

I hope you have found your passion and it is helping you too, or will be soon.

Good luck


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I got married to my passion in 2007!


Oh Tim, how do you follow that? That is so sweet!


Smooth or what? Very good point.



I mentioned your dancing lessons to my physio this morning and he thought it sounded fantastic. It has got me thinking that I used to do aqua aerobics (to very cheesy music) which I thoroughly enjoyed. I used to do it in a small private hydrotherapy pool with 5 other women (I was 19 and they were all over 60!) and I can't tell you how much fun it was. I was pretty rubbish at it but I enjoyed it so much that it didn't matter to me or anyone else. You have spurred me on to start that up again!

Thank you!



Oops, I think that was possibly written under the wrong blog title but mot worry!


I have a few!

That is BRILLIANT! I do not swim as much as I should but I can remember that the last time I went it was extra good because I had to control my breathing and not panic, so that was an added benefit. You will certainly meet some characters. Please keep us posted!


Don't worry, I will!


My passions were reading and gardening - neither of which I can do as I have poor eyesight and bad coordination.


Same here.Very frustrarting.


I find books from iTunes very good.

Also, I cannot dig very well now a days but this is VERY useful. I made piles of weeds for my lucky husband to clean-up!

This guy is very inspiring too


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