Tip for stopping choking while drinking

I had the visit from the Speech Therapist and she told me to hold my chin down while drinking, hmmmm, I thought...

Anyway I've found that using a travel beaker helps, I've got a trendy Starbucks one which is really easy to hold, keeps your tea warm when you forget to drink it and has a small hole to drink from, letting the cup be tipped instead of your head back....

I haven't had a choking episode since. I'm going to take it to Tesco's cafe today, if they let me use it then I'm off everywhere for a coffee!!! Something I haven't wanted to do for months.

Hope this helps :)

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  • 1 small tip that may help evryone and you if tesco won't let you [but they should ] if you are ever in the situation of haveing to use thoes disposable paper? cups put 2 together to form a twin wall cup [you have to be carefull that the twin lips on the cups don't causea leak but if like me crushing the cups is a problem this helps. Also getting into the habit of swinging your little finger under the base of cups helps when you lack the feeling in your hands and you don't know if you are crushing the cup or griping it firmly enough

  • Hi John, I've had to do this for quite a while, doubling up really helps. I find drinking through the lid helps too.

  • do you have probs with the lip on the lid? It would help alot if takeaway coffees could be put in my own mug but not sure if they'd do it

  • Hi Penny, from my experience just ask, I think most would help because of the disability access laws there are now. Better that than bad publicity. :)

  • Hi pennypoop try searching on ebay for "disposable cup holder" you can get a holder that reinforces disposable cups but if you are like me you will keep forgeting to take it with you it helps with the handeling but not with the head tiping but perhaps a straw would be the answer to that

  • Update

    I forgot to take my beaker!! Typical. Costa is now in Tesco and the only thing that I could hold (get my fingers through the handle) was a tall latte glass. Not happy as I had to leave half of it. Anyway, I came home and phoned Costa up, explained the situation and they asked me what the 'ideal' mug would be. I told them lightweight, large handle, etc and she said she would pass the information on to the crockery dept. I told her about my Starbucks beaker, apparently they do a similar one and she put me one in the post, free of charge which I received today!!!! She told me to take it into any Costa coffee shop and ask that it be filled, if there was any confusion to say that it was from head office. Maybe if we all had a word with our local coffee shops things could be made a lot easier. And a very nice beaker it is too!!! :)

  • Hi, Ive emailed Costa as having same difficulties, but haven't heard anything. Who did you contact? I have to email as I don't hear on the phone.

  • My intention tremors get the worst of me and I frequently wear coffee or tea all down my front.

    Fed up with my bib as I forget to take it with me and look like a giant baby .

    Fed up with soaking everything in Vanish or a stain remover.

    A tip might be to carry wet wipes with us in scooters.handbags or cars as I managed to get sticky hands when I got the wobbles eating a cornet.Dry tissues were not enough.

  • Have same prob with coffe cups so emailed costa today and will wait to see if they send me a mug

  • Hi Pennypoop, sorry I didn't reply, had a couple of 'those days', good luck!! :)

  • I usually ask for the takeaway cups as they usually have nice lids you can drink through, and I don't spill when carrying, even though I don't enjoy the taste of cardboard.

    I've also found that places like Costa are really friendly and helpful if you ask them to carry your coffee to the table - I make sure they can see my walking stick first though :)

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