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How has the heat affected your ataxia?

Like everyone, the better weather has certainly lifted my mood and spirits but I have been getting much more tired. Thankfully I have been sleeping OK at night but I find it much more of an effort to do things when it is hot. Was wondering how others have found and are finding this 'heatwave'?

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Hi Harry,

Whilst I love the sun as it makes me feel so much better I have found that the recent weather does seem to be making me more tired & irritable too. I think that it is just that the sun here just isn't the same as sun abroad if that makes sense??

When abroad I find that the heat is dryer & easier to cope with + its maybe just me but just waking up to blue skies & sunshine makes me feel emotionally & physically better.

I know that sunshine won't make my ataxia go away but it does help.

As a result I am moving to Spain in 4 weeks with my fiancée so hopefully I am not mistaken!!??

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Hi glosman

I hope you have a wonderful move to Spain and that the heat there continues to make you feel better. You are right, it won't make the ataxia go away but we must all do whatever makes us feel better so it is easier to live with. Very Best of Luck and let us know how it goes!



I am finding it exacly the same as HarryB the heat not so bad its the humidty that knocks me out.If I cant get comfortable and sweaty I feel very lethargic and have to rest.


Unbeknown to me, but the first three/four days I was in hospital they had fans blowing on me from all directions to keep me cooled down - I can`t remember anything.

Funny old world :-)


My balance and walking has been worse over the last few weeks - not sure whether that is because of the heat, but could be.


The recent humidity left me exhausted. We've had holidays

in Florida, my husband would love to retire there but the heat

and humidity are really intense unless you live on the coast.

I hope he either changes his mind, or we end up adjacent to

a beach!


Go for it. I want an excuse to go there!


Ok! If it ever comes off I'll post it! xB


looking at google maps, there seem to be no end of lakes. It must rain heavy sometimes


We've got a stretch of water in our garden, and a family of

moorhens. I feel sorry for them this weather, when the water

level goes down it makes them more vulnerable to foxes etc.

Although we've experienced the occasional downpour it hasn't

brought the level up very much. Was it 2006 when we had the

terrific drought? Anyway, the water almost dried up completely!


The heat has really affected me to the point I had to take a few days off sick from work. I am hoping it starts to cool down soon :(


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